Tomorrow is the first day of the Advance Vote 10am-6pm at Hugh Foster Hall, 141 King St.
Unlike many of the candidates who just came to the forefront mere months before the
election, I have been involved in the Milton community for the six years I have lived here
and will continue to do so regardless of the Election outcome as I believe everyone
needs to give back to the community they live in.

I’ve made myself available to anyone wanting to engage me online via Twitter, Facebook,
LinkedIn, email, my websites and by phone.

I am asking for your support by voting at the Advance Polls (dates/times and locations on
my website). I am the only new candidate that has regularly attended Town Council Meetings
and the only candidate living in the Hawthorne Village area of Ward 1.

It’s time for a change in Milton.  I hope I can count on your support.

And did you know:

1) Sharon Barkley lives in Campbellville, not Ward 1.

2) Sharon Barkley has voted in favour of tax increases of over 15% (which is twice
the rate of inflation) over her 4 year term and voted in favour of increasing
her own salary by 20% during that same period.

3) Danielle Masanto wouldn’t list her Milton address on the candidate nomination form
and lives in Ward 7, not Ward 1, and does not regularly attend Town Council meetings.

4) Masanto, Luzar and Tomosky-Chambers have only come to the forefront during election time.  What have they done for our Town before now?

Time For A Change in Ward 1
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